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Website Development
This website is about my website development business, but in January 2010 I also started a second business as a designer maker of greeting cards, kids posters, t-shirts etc. under the name of Flaming Imp: www.flamingimp.com.

I have developed a wide variety of interactive websites over the last 15 years, for both big names and small companies or individuals. You deal with me personally and I do all the work, so you have a direct line of communication to ensure that the website is developed to meet your exact needs. If you require a website design then I can bring in a designer to work on the project.

Examples of my work can be found in my projects page, and have involved the development of the following non-exhaustive list:
  • Tutor assessed, and automatically marked, courses
  • Shops
  • Photo and video sharing
  • Automatic creation of PDF documents on the fly
  • Messageboards
  • Scheduled live chats and transcripts
  • Booking systems (booking physical or online courses)
  • Recruitment and CV entering
  • Job searches
  • Newsletters and mailing lists
  • Brochure request, including the printing of labels
  • CMS (Content Management Systems) for maintaining the content of your site
  • Admin systems for behind the scenes maintenance of your site and customer data